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Fluid Kayaks

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Vagabond Kayaks

Kwando - Children's sit-on-top Length: 240cmWidth: 60cmHeight: 30cmWeight: 13kgMax. carrying capacity: 50kg
Tsomo - Short sit-on-top Length: 275cmWidth: 80cmHeight: 38cmWeight: 19kgMax carrying capacity: 120kg
Tarka - Medium sit-on-top Length: 340cmWidth: 72cmHeight: 41cmWeight: 21kgMax carrying capacity: 110kg
Kasai- large-sit-on-top Length: 400cmWidth: 75cnHeight: 40cmWeight: 27kgMax carrying capacity: 150kg
Marimba - touring sit-on-top Length: 450cmWidth: 67cmheight: 40cmWeight: 27kgMax. carrying capacity: 150kg
Mazowe - tandem sit-on-top Length: 428cmWidth: 86cmHeight: 40cmWeight: 31kgMax. carrying capacity: 230kg
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