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Ocean ABC



”No kit, no clue”

Price: R650 (3 Sessions: Intro + 2 Ocean Paddler sessions)

The Ocean ABC of Paddling is for the people who are totally fresh to the sport and want to start paddling.

It is ALSO for those that may have paddled once or twice, but haven’t quite mastered it yet.

This will be your first intro into the wonderful sport of surf ski paddling. 

You don’t need ANY equipment; we provide the surf skis and the paddles, all you have to bring is your get-wet-kit.

The Ocean ABC Paddling course takes you from: “This is a surf ski…” to, “This is how to hold your paddle” to, “This is how to catch a wave”, and of course, lots of fun and practice.

The course consists of 3 Sessions.  

Your first session is called “The Intro Session” (which is compulsory for all), and your remaining 3 sessions are your Practice sessions.  

You don’t have to complete the 3 sessions on consecutive weekends, however we recommend you do.

Of course we understand that it’s not always possible. 

(You can also book INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS to get more paddling done…)

After completing the Ocean ABC paddling course you will have experienced everything you need to know to start surf ski paddling and will also have given it a solid go. However, the fun has only just started.  

After completing the course you can carry on paddling in the Ocean Paddler group.

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