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Ocean Paddler


“Got the gear, what now? Achieve Ocean Paddler Status.”

Price: R575 (3 session set) or R200 (single session in a class)

The Ocean Paddler lessons are specifically there for you to master the skill of ocean surf ski paddling under our knowledgeable watch.
After completing your Ocean ABC Paddling lessons you now progress your skills to become an Ocean Paddler.

Here, we step-up what was introduced in the Ocean ABC Paddling course and you practice until you get it.
You sign up for a set of 3 classes which DO NOT have to be consecutive; you can come when it suits you best.

However, we recommend that you complete your 4 classes within six weeks of signing up as an Ocean Paddler.  
(You can also book INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS to get more paddling done…)

Then, once you have mastered the basics of surf ski paddling, you can move onto the next level: Ocean Expert

(Note: If you joining Surfski school for the first time, the Ocean ABC Intro Session is compulsory no matter what your level) 

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