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About Paddles

Paddles come in split or solid shafts.

The split shafts come with a aluminum connector.

Glass or Carbon Shafts

Round or Oval Shafts

Makes of Paddles: Fenn Kayaks, Carbonology Sport, Orca Paddles and Knysna Racing.

Any other brand paddle can be requested.


Knysna Racing

stats classic large
stats classic m
stats classic s
stats image dl
stats image ds
lettermann1 stats
lettmann 2
swing 1
swing 4
swing 7
swing junior
swing ld
swing small
sup large
sup small

Carbonology Sport

cs5 png
cs4 png
cs3 png
cs2 png
cs2 png

Fenn Kayaks

fenn 1 paddle
191oppaddlesfenn 5 229x1024 cropped png
191oppaddlesfenn 4 242x1024 cropped png
191oppaddlesfenn 3 5 233x1024 cropped png

Orka Paddles

flex blade
super flex blade
inner blade
b min blade
b max blade
legend blade
flat blade

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