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Welcome to Surfski School


The Surf Ski School will teach you the "How to" in paddling at every level along with important life skills.


You’ll develop friendships, learn how to defeat those unforgiving waves and enhance your fitness while having tons of fun in the sun.


It’s a great sport to learn that will stay with you for life. 

 Ocean ABC


"No Kit, No Clue"


This is for people who are totally new to the sport and want to get into it and for those who need a bit more intial help.

This will be your first intro to the wonderful sport of offshore paddling. 

 You don’t need ANY equipment; we provide the surf skis, paddles and life-jackets. All you have to bring is your swimming gear.You will be given a manual and your instructor will get you on your way.

The course consists of 3 sessions. Your first session is the "Intro Session" which is compulsory for all and your remaining 2 sessions are your practise sessions. The first lesson takes place on the North End Lake, following that we progress to the ocean.

In the Ocean ABC Paddling course we will explain various things such as A for awareness, B for balance and C for control. Upon completing the course you will have learnt the basics of paddling and you will be super stoked to move to the next level.

Ocean Paddler


"Got the Kit, What Now?"


The Ocean Paddler classes are there to allow you to continue to improve whilst under our supervision.

This course will follow up on what you have learnt in the ABC of paddling in practise and it consists of 3 lessons.

The balance of 3 lessons do not need to be done consecutively, but whenever you're ready to do them within 6 weeks of signing up for your 1st class.

Here we step-up on what was introduced in the Ocean ABC class - how to catch a wave, remounting of your surfski and so much more.

Once you have mastered the basics of Surf Ski paddling you can move onto the next level: Ocean Expert.

Ocean Expert


"Bring the Action, I'm Ready!"


In this course we focus on improving your paddling skill, technique and fitness so that, in the end, surf ski paddling will be second nature to you. Here you will be put through your paces in an effort to get your skills (and body) to the Ocean Expert status. This level will be attained when you've successfully completed a series of surfski races and an open ocean downwind paddle with us.

The Ocean Expert sessions are training sessions that incorporate practicing all the skills you'll need to be on top of your game.This course consists of 3 lessons and requires a fair amount of effort!



"One on One with an Expert"


Whether you would like to try surfski paddling, need some one-on-one paddling coaching or you (and your paddling buddies) would like some extra paddling time – Individual Sessions are the way to go.
Basics, technique, balance, how to catch a wave, go downwind or whatever it is you would like to learn we will help you in a more concentrated lesson.Individual lessons have proven to be particularly successful with improving technique, wave and downwind skills.

Surf Ski School PE

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Surfski School Rates:


Ocean ABC of Paddling (1 Intro+ 3 Paddler sessions)R675
Ocean Paddler/Expert 3 Session Set (once completed Ocean ABC course)R590
Per Lesson fee after ABC Course with own equipment - Per HourR250
Once Off Session (Sat morning groups only) Per HourR290
Single Session (One on One/Two/Three, any time, by prior booking)R350


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